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Simple Herbed Breaded Chicken

Fundy Mary Chicken

Pepper Rubbed Porterhouse Steaks with Chive Butter

Old Fashioned Beef Stew

Pan Seared Halibut with Romesco Sauce

Tuna Puttanesca


Vietnamese style Lamb and Noodle Salad

Couscous with Prawns, Summer Vegetables and Wine

Rodeo Burger with Barbecue Sauce and Bacon

Italian White Beans with Arugula and Lemon

Basil Crusted Grilled Salmon with Tomato Salsa

Quick and Easy Chicken Parmesan

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto with Tarragon

Penne with Mushrooms, Peas & Cherry Tomatoes

Rich Homemade Chicken Stock

Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli with White Wine and Herb Butter Sauce

Lamb Stew with Irish Stout and Fresh Mint

Sautéed Mushroom Linguini

Coke Marinated Steak

Steamed Pork and Prawn Dim Sum

Long-Cooked Green Beans with Tomatoes and Garlic

Wild Rice Pilaf with Cranberries and Pistachios

Kicked-Up Spicy Breaded Chicken with Panko

Ceviche in Endive Cups

Soda Fountain Bacon Cheeseburger

Asparagus with Hazelnuts and Goat Cheese

Garden Chicken Stir Fry and Jasmine Rice

Healthy, No-Hassle Creamy Ricotta Pasta with Artichokes

Allspice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Rum Raisin Sauce

Pot Roast with Marsala

Pan-Seared Scallops With House Wine Sauce

Fettuccine Carbonara

Leek and Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes

Acadian Meat Pie

Broccolini with Pine Nuts and Golden Garlic Slivers

Succulent Sweet and Sour Chicken

Pan Seared Duck Breast

Grilled Tuscan Veal Chop

Cheddar Soup with Apple

Pan Rushed Salmon with Three Tomatoes

Barley Risotto with Mushrooms, Leeks and Kale

Panko Crusted Tilapia with Tartar Sauce

Spicy Hoisin Chicken and Cashew Stir-Fry

Arugula Pesto Pasta with Rotisserie Chicken & Melted Bell Peppers

Penne With Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sauce

Pork Chuletas with Salsa Criolla

Chicken Scampi over Rice

Caramelized Cauliflower

Turkey Gravy

Chicken with Plum Relish

Bacon Sage Cornbread Stuffing

Curried Coconut Tofu and Vegetables

Lobster Risotto with Tarragon and Asiago

Quick Chicken and White Beans Skillet Supper

Main Course

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